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People finding work!

‘Thank you for turning my life round and giving me the confidence, motivation and more achievable abilities to find employment. Thank you for listening to me and praying for me.’ – CAP Job Club Member

As I write this one of our Job Club Member’s is having a job interview. I spoke to her yesterday and she was nervous but excited … thanks to the CAP Job Club she was equipped to apply for this job and has the confidence that she can do the role. We are praying that she is successful!

She is not alone … THREE other Job Club Members have found work already – that is a third of the participants at our pilot club. How amazing is that! God is so good. Imagine the difference that that is making in their lives and for their families. A regular income, increased self esteem, new friendships and so much more.

I’ve also just heard that in the UK, 1000 people have now found work in the last three years!! 600 of them said that unemployment caused anxiety or depression – now they are free from that burden! More than 1 million meals have been afforded on their own income. 1700 children now have employed parents.

Can you imagine with me what that might do for our cities if our Job Clubs helped put 1000 people back into work?? This is going to happen here!  Nothing is impossible for our God.