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Executive Director’s Blog – 6 Weeks On

I’ve been in Canada for 6 weeks now and just over 3 weeks in the role of Executive Director. As I write this, we have just finished training 15 more people to run the CAP money course, equipping them to deliver the course to people in their community and empowering others to take control of their finances rather than being controlled by them.

My wife and I are still adjusting to Canada, getting used to saying pants instead of trousers, dollars instead of pounds, diapers instead of nappies, and sidewalk instead of pavement. There is a familiar thing, though, that is no different to the UK –   the heart, vision and culture of Christians Against Poverty. If you are in the UK, Australia, New Zealand or here in Canada, you will see the same thing in who we are. Our mission to serve the poor, save the lost, with the church across the nation. It is part of our DNA and we will never compromise on these things.

Since arriving here in Canada, I have had so many instances where I have been reminded by God that CAP and the local church working together is part of God’s plan for this nation. Poverty is everywhere and surrounds us, sometimes hidden behind closed doors, sometimes obvious and in our faces, but we are called to do something about it and that is what we are doing.

This year, we press on to partner with more churches to reach the poorest in our communities. We also continue to focus on building strong foundations as an organisation for our necessary growth (I think there is something in the bible about that!). Please do continue praying for us, that God would continue to provide for all we need, that he would draw great people and churches to us to reach the poorest and take Jesus into their lives. I am filled with a great sense of excitement and anticipation about what God is doing in this nation and the role of the Church in that.

Thank you for supporting us, together we are Christians Against Poverty


Chris Brown.