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Executive Director’s Blog: The End of the Year

As we draw to the end of 2017, I am astonished by what God has done. Only 11 months ago, my wife (Hannah) and our two boys arrived in Canada with a sense of anticipation at what life would be like, and also a healthy sense of fear and trepidation. I can honestly say arriving here has meant some of the hardest and most wonderful moments of our lives. If I didn’t know it before, I certainly know it now, God has his hand upon Christians Against Poverty Canada and he is not taking it off.

We have seen God turn up in truly amazing ways. Last month we trained and launched 3 new debt centres, giving hope for those struggling with unmanageable debt in 3 new communities (2 in Brampton and 1 in Huntsville).  This year have celebrated 17 clients coming to faith in Jesus and many more families and individuals have experienced the love of God and the local church in action.

I’m delighted to report that we have continued to see a growing number of clients going debt free this year, we truly are releasing the prisoners. Our CAP Money course has brought simple and effective budgeting advice to 1274 homes this year.  That’s over 3000 people taking control of their finances and preventing them from slipping into crisis further down the road.

We have had the privilege of sharing God’s heart for the poor and the lost at churches all around the GTA and beyond, inspiring congregations to get involved in this ministry individually and as a church.

We have also seen God provide every cent we need in order to fulfil the mission he has given us. Every year we step out in Faith with our budget, believing God will provide for us and He has faithfully done that.

Day after day we have seen God do incredible things and of course, the reason we do what we do is for our clients. So, as I finish, let me share a story from one of our debt centres with you:

‘The day I met Sarah* was on a first visit with CAP. Here she told me her story: one of hurt and abuse. She had to flee her home country with her two boys to escape the abuse. A number of times her abuser followed her, squandering her money on drugs. Sarah finally left to raise her boys on her own. She found it so difficult to trust anyone, but with open arms and a tremendous fighting spirit she let CAP into her life. Our church surrounded her with community. We prayed with her and over time she was able to rise above her debts. She later met Jesus. In her own words, Sarah says “I finally can put trust in people again” and she has a new lease on life. She’s hopeful and confident that through hard work and perserverance alongside the supportive community CAP has brought into her life, she can breathe again.’

Thank you all for your support and prayers for CAP Canada this year. We cannot do it without you. Together, we are Christians Against Poverty.

Merry Christmas and have a blessed and happy new year.


Chris Brown
Chris Brown
*Client name changed to protect privacy