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Looking Back at 2017

At the end of 2017 we shared a series of stories from throughout the year about different amazing things that had happened through the year — little moments or big stories that had impacted staff throughout the year. We had more stories than we could fit in one social media campaign, so I thought we could share a few more here:

I visited Tim today, and we chatted about how things had turned around with his Dad, It was something he and I had prayed about for a while. His Christmas went better than expected, and the relationship was not as strained as Tim had feared, which was so great to hear!

Then we spent about 45 minutes on hold with one of his creditors. I was checking to see if they had gotten the letters that Tim’s Dr. had sent on his behalf, and also the one from the office. They told us to call the collection agency where the bill was sent. We called them, another half an hour on the phone, and then they retraced the bill back to original creditor, since there was no record of it at collections. Finally, the original creditor answered and they said, the letters had cleared the debt and now there was a zero balance, the debt was forgiven!

Tim was in tears, he had been so stressed about it. What a burden off his shoulders for him to be free of debt!”  (from one of our Debt Centres)

And something that happened just a few days ago:

A young gentleman wandered into the office, waiting for a business in the building we share to open for the day. We got to talking, as he was looking for some resources to get help around the city. I was able to explain what we do, and his eyes lit up. ‘I’m in a bunch of debt’ he said ‘what’s the phone number?’. I gave him my name and a card — and he called just an hour later to book an appointment with a Debt Centre in his neighbourhood! Such a cool encounter!” (from one of our staff at Head Office)

We’ll be sharing many more stories of what God is doing through CAP and the local church this year; so you can continue to see and celebrate what is happening through this amazing work.