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CAP Canada Turns 5! Our Anniversary, Week Without, and more

We’re coming up on the 5th anniversary of CAP Canada, and we’re incredibly excited by what the future will hold as we continue to change this nation, one life at a time!

We’ve seen so many great things in the past five years (way more than we can put in one short post…but here’s a taster)

We proved that the partnership of CAP and the local church works in Canada!

We’ve celebrated with 40 families going debt free – blow those harmonicas!

49 people have chosen to follow Christ – ring that firebell!

And we’ve stepped in to the lives of over 500 different clients – so we can imagine many more celebrations in the future.

We’re delighted to say that the church in Canada is hungry for CAP with over 200 church partnerships now established!

We’ve expanded our services and now offer not only financial education through the CAP Money Course and Professional Debt Counselling through our unique CAP Debt Centres, but we also offer community support and training for those experiencing unemployment through CAP Job Clubs (and support for those struggling with addictions through our pilot CAP Release Group).

Some of our Head office staff in February 2018

We’ve grown from a team of two working out of a coffee shop with free WiFi to a team of 12 head office staff bringing support to all of our centres and services and recruiting more churches to partner with us.

Thanks to our incredible Life Changers (monthly supporters) —almost 900 of them — we’re able to offer our services to the most vulnerable for free. Your support means we can prioritize those who live on the margins — who experience lack as a daily reality.

That’s why in the midst of celebrating we are holding our Week Without.

Many of our clients face the grinding daily reality that they must go without some basic essentials: Groceries. Heat. Adequate clothing. Rent money. The Week Without is a challenge to catch a glimpse of what that feels like.

Want to participate?  Click Here for more details.