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Meet the Core Team

Hi CAP Family,
This is our CAP Canada Core Team! Let them introduce themselves to you all, below.

Chris Brown

Executive Director of CAP Canada

1) Introduce yourself…
I am Chris Brown, Executive Director of CAP Canada. I am a husband of 13 years to Hannah, father to three boys, Josiah (8), Gideon (4) & Ezekiel (9 months), but most importantly, I am a child of God.

2) How did you get involved with CAP? When?
I got involved in CAP nearly 11 years ago with CAP in the UK. I joined the team in September 2008. I eventually ended up on the leadership team as the Director of Services, overseeing all our partnerships with churches in the UK. Towards the end of 2016, God challenged me to step away from all of that to serve CAP here in Canada. I joined as the Executive Director here in January 2017, when we moved as a family from the UK.

3) What has Jesus shown you through your time at CAP so far? Where are you hoping He leads us?
Jesus has shown me that with Him, all things are possible. Personally, I am doing something I never thought I would be, but God has provided all that I need. Through the work of CAP, we get to be part of, and see God’s hand upon so many broken people and we get to see Him put them back together again. When the church fulfills the mission and mandate of Jesus, we see some truly incredible things. It’s an honour, a privilege (and slightly scary) at times! I wouldn’t swap it for anything. My ultimate Hope for where Jesus leads us as an organization is to see a greater impact for the poor and for God’s Kingdom, and His church. We always say that we are not building an organization just for the sake of it, we are building an organization to be a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves and ultimately, to see the church in Canada transformed as they embrace the reality of meeting the needs of their community. I guess my ultimate desire is that God leads us to revival.

Will MacLaughlin

Head of Network Management

1) Introduce yourself…
My name’s Will MacLaughlin, born in Northern Ireland but married to a Prairie gal – Leanne! We met as part of a church plant in Northern Ireland when Leanne was working with Youth For Christ. We moved to Canada in 2013 with our two kids at the time, Eden (4) and Malia (1) – they’ve since been joined by a little brother, Ehren.
I am the Head of Network Management at CAP Canada, meaning I oversee our Debt Centre Network and am responsible for helping churches launch new Debt Centres.
I also pastor a church plant in my Hamilton neighbourhood. It’s called 1401 because that’s the address and we couldn’t think of a name!

2) How did you get involved with CAP? When?
I was part of a church plant in Northern Ireland and we opened a Debt Centre in 2009 with me as the Debt Coach. We saw so many lives transformed, people breaking free from debt and people accepting and inviting Jesus into their lives. When we knew CAP was considering Canada, we really felt God nudge us to take that step. We arrived in 2013, after selling everything we had in Ireland, and moved to an apartment we’d never seen, in a city we didn’t know. It’s been an incredible journey!

3) What has Jesus shown you through your time at CAP so far? Where are you hoping He leads us?
In many ways, the first six years of this journey have been looking to establish roots. Much seed has been scattered and we’re starting to see where that seed sprouts and grows best. I prefer things to move quicker, but God’s definitely slowed down the process to ensure the foundation is solid for our future growth. I want to see more Debt Centres opening because then we get to see the incredible life transforming impact of Jesus and the local church. What a privilege!

Roland Nathaniel

Head of Client Services

1) Introduce yourself…
I’m married and the father of two (daughter 6 and son 4), love the outdoors (camping, hiking, biking, etc.), experiencing new places and cultures, pick-up sports, games and puzzles. I’ve grown up in the Toronto area, lived in London, Ontario and Vancouver, BC. I love being part of community and would consider myself social. I have worked in the financial sector for 15 years. Ten of these years have been in the not-for-profit Credit Counselling Industry. At CAP, I lead our Client Services department and serve on our core team, as we discern God’s heart and will for CAP here in Canada.

2) How did you get involved with CAP? When?
I first heard about CAP when I moved to Hamilton. Having worked in the industry, I was surprised that I had not heard of CAP before. It seemed that God kept bringing people into my life who were in some way involved with CAP. I was invited to be part of what God was doing through CAP just over 2 years ago and through the circumstances, am convinced God had been orchestrating this for His purposes.

3) What has Jesus shown you through your time at CAP so far? Where are you hoping He leads us?
Above all, we have a God who brings hope to the hopeless. He invites us to be part of this incredible opportunity. I have personally seen how God can use each of us, no matter what we think we have or know. He can make us part of the beautiful story He is writing. I hope that CAP in Canada will be a beacon of hope for so many who feel they have no value. I hope that CAP helps the church to stand united as the hands and feet of Christ.