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Summer Series: CAP’s Values- Week One

Hi CAP Family,

Over the summer we will be writing a blog series on our CAP Core Values. We have eight core values that we apply to everything we do at CAP. They are even posted on our walls all over the office!

Today we are starting with FUN!

We have had a LOT of fun in the office in the past two weeks! At the end of May, we had one of our CAP revive days. Revive days at CAP are five days a year on which we get together during work hours but spend the day doing an activity that allows us to grow and bond as a team. This past revive day we did a 1920’s themed murder-mystery party. We all got assigned characters, dressed up and showed up ready for our Oscar-worthy performances. It was silly and felt a little awkward at times, but we had SO much fun doing it! Take a look at some of our pictures below to see for yourself how well it went!

This past weekend our staff team went camping at Turkey Point for our yearly CAP Fest! CAP Fest is a time where we all go away, with our families and loved ones, to spend some time in fellowship with one another, serve one another and just spend time with our extended family. We sang songs at the campfire, went on a scavenger hunt, spent an afternoon at the beach, and just hung out- it was a really lovely time.

Check out some photos below of CAP Fest too!

We believe that each of these Core Values allow us to serve God better with one another along the way. Fun is really the thing that holds us together as a team, other than our individual relationships with Jesus. It is the inside-jokes, the pranks, the Nerf-Gun wars and all the little things in-between. We believe God rejoices in those with us.

Keep an eye out for our next blog post in our summer series when we will be writing about another CAP Core Value- Passion!