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Summer Series: CAP’s Values- Week Two

As an organization we have 8 cultural values. These are things that we recognize in our culture that we are and want to be more of. One of those values is ‘Passionate’. The tag line for this value is ‘Passionate people change things’. We believe that for us to be fruitful as an organization, we have to change some things. We want to change peoples stories – from debt to debt free, hopeless to hopeful, anxious to peaceful. 
We want to see changes in churches we are working with by equipping and empowering them with the tools to reach people in their communities. We want to see supporters hearts changed as they engage with the depth of poverty that exists in our communities. Passionate people change things, as an organization we are passionate and driven to see change.  
One thing that we do, which really demonstrates that passion is our ‘week without’ challenge. Every year, we go a week without something in our lives to better understand the challenges our clients experience. 
Some staff are going without furniture, others are going without hydro, others are living in isolation, others without lighting and much more. All these things are realities our clients often experience and we want to have a greater empathy and understanding.

However, this is just for a week, for so many people that experience does not end. Together we can do something about it, we are Christians Against Poverty, join with us, consider taking part in the week and please do consider giving generously to enable us to reach more people in partnership with the local church.