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Summer Series: CAP’s Values- Week Three

CAP has 8 Core Values that we apply to our work and display through everything we do. This week we are discussing ‘excellent’ see previous blog posts for ‘fun’ and ‘passionate’ and stay tuned over the summer for the rest of them!


We are an organization that seeks and aims in much of what we do to go beyond what is expected of a professional organization. Professional is delivering what is expected and required to get the job done. Being excellent is realising that the people we serve and the people we work with are worthy of us going beyond: going the extra mile.We do everything as excellently as we can because the people we serve deserve it, and because we serve the greatest – the King of Kings! 

We aim to demonstrate excellence in all we do. Our attention to detail, the energy we bring to our roles and the quality of the service we provide is a focus of excellence for all of us. God demonstrate the greatest act of excellence, Jesus on the cross, He gave His very best for us! God calls us to do the same, to give our very best to those around us and those we exist to serve.  

This last week, during our ‘week without’ challenge, I’ve seen staff, frontline volunteers, supporters and many others choose to demonstrate ‘excellence’ and to wholeheartedly embrace a challenge with all the effort and energy we could muster. Why? Because we are passionate about this ministry, passionate about the church, passionate about the poor, and passionate about God, and passion is the birthplace of excellence.