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Summer Series: CAP’s Values- Week Four

Hi CAP Family,

Over the summer we will be writing a blog series on our CAP Core Values. We have eight core values that we apply to everything we do at CAP. They are even posted on our walls all over the office!

Today we have Rebekah (Head of Client Services) to share about her time at CAP UK and speak on our value- UNITED

This past June, I spent some time in Bradford at CAP UK.  During one of our worship sessions, I was struck by the power of coming together as a team before God. There is something so undeniably beautiful about knowing that this same coming together is happening in each of our CAP countries.  At the conclusion of this particular worship session, an update on our newest office, CAP America was shared and was received with such joy and anticipation for all God is doing through them. I know how excited we get here in Canada when we hear updates from our other CAP countries, and it was amazing to experience that same excitement across the pond. United, one of our CAP values is far more than just a sticker on our walls.  It is a deep seeded connection to one another- a mutual love, care and respect. “I’ll pray for you” much more than just a statement, but a promise lived out through action, rooted in shared belief that all things are possible through God and that the work we are so privileged to participate in is His.