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More and more families in your community are being forced to choose between rent, heat, hydro, or food!

You can let that family know they are not alone, they are seen, and they are heard!

This Christmas many families in your local community are terrified they can’t pay their bills.

They’re being pushed to their physical, mental, and emotional limits.

But, you can tell them, “you’re not alone!”


Your gift of $30.04 means when someone like Kevin cries out for help, their call will be answered, they’ll receive a home-based visit from a counselor and they’ll be able to share their pain and fears.


“Knowing that I wasn’t alone was such a great place to start!”


Can you make a radically generous Christmas gift to release the pressure, help lift the burden and give a family walking in darkness, a chance to experience light and a way forward?

Yes, when a family calls in despair, I want to tell them they’re not alone this Christmas.

Here is my most generous gift to provide home-based counseling support to someone teetering on the edge of desperation.

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Make donaton

More Than A Donation

Your donation today will break the chains of debt for a family in a community near you.

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