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Let’s talk about money

Everyone could use simple tools for managing their money. Many have never been taught how to put together a simple budget, make it balance, or put away savings for a rainy day.

With CAP Money Coaching, your church will provide the solution with a simple course that that has transformed the finances of thousands of Canadians.

Learn the skills to coach people in your church and community through a simple budgeting course that teaches the basics of money management in a relaxed, simple way. In a few short sessions, you will take people step-by-step through building a budget, making it balance, and putting a system in place to make it stick.

The course covers


  • How to build and balance a budget

  • Step-by-step, using CAP’s powerful online budgeting tool that does all the hard work automatically.

  • The CAP Money System

  • A simple way to set up your finances with confidence that bills are taken care of, everyday expenses are covered, and debt can be paid off.

  • Taking control of money

  • Organising money and using cash week-to-week to understand exactly how much is being spent — and what it’s being spent on.

How do I become a CAP Money Coach?

Training as a CAP Money Coach couldn’t be easier with the CAP Money online training platform. You’ll be guided by our CAP Money Team, through everything you need to know about being a coach and running the course. You'll receive access to a wealth of additional resources and support to help you run a great course in your community.

If you would like to be trained as a CAP Money Coach, connect with us through the connect information below:

Call: 289-241-9181 ex 2102


What do we need to do to offer CAP Money through our Church?

First, locate at least one volunteer who can run the course (around 6 hours of material) at least a couple times a year. Then, you can email our CAP Money team at for a Partnership Form to register attendance at an upcoming CAP Money coach training. CAP provides everything else; the training and materials to run the course successfully.

Who would make a good CAP Money coach?

You will want to tap some church members on the shoulder who would be great at making people feel welcome. Because the course material is so easy to pick up (it doesn’t require really any background in financial matters); and we want to see participants be engaged, encouraged, and asking “What’s next?” once the course is done; having that people person is really valuable. Also, having strong presenting/teaching skills is a huge bonus.

How can we help the CAP Money course be succesful in our community?

Once trained, your CAP Money coaches should have lots of ideas on how to use their course to reach out to people in your community. We would recommend that Church leadership work with them to identify specific people or hotspots to advertise the course to. Additionally, we think that your own congregation is full of passionate people who would be willing to share this with their own social circles; they just need to hear the message. We have spoken at hundreds of Churches across Canada about the heart and vision of our ministry. We see people getting fired up about how offering a simple financial education course can lead people to Christ and a community in His Church. Not only is this an encouraging message for your congregation, but we tend to see course participation rates double.

Already a CAP Money Coach?