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Let’s Talk About Money

Everyone could use simple tools for managing their money. Many have never been taught how to put together a simple budget, make it balance, or put away savings for a rainy day.

With CAP Money Coaching, your church will provide the solution with a simple course that that has transformed the finances of thousands of Canadians.

Learn the skills to coach people in your church and community through a simple budgeting course that teaches the basics of money management in a relaxed, simple way. In a few short sessions, you will take people step-by-step through building a budget, making it balance, and putting a system in place to make it stick.

The Course Covers

How to build and balance a budget

  • Step-by-step, using CAP’s powerful online budgeting tool that does all the hard work automatically.

  • The CAP Money System

  • A simple way to set up your finances with confidence that bills are taken care of, everyday expenses are covered, and debt can be paid off.

  • Taking control of money

  • Organising money and using cash week-to-week to understand exactly how much is being spent — and what it’s being spent on.

How Do I become a CAP Money Coach?

Training as a CAP Money Coach couldn’t be easier with the CAP Money online training platform. You’ll be guided by our CAP Money Team, through everything you need to know about being a coach and running the course. You'll receive access to a wealth of additional resources and support to help you run a great course in your community.

If you would like to be trained as a CAP Money Coach, connect with us through the connect information below:

Call: 289-684-9191

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