CAP Canada Core Team

Mark Griffin

Chief Executive Office of CAP Canada

“Jesus has shown me that with Him, all things are possible. Personally, I am doing something I never thought I would be, but God has provided all that I need.”

Will MacLaughlin

Head of Network Management

“Much seed has been scattered and we’re starting to see where that seed sprouts and grows best. I prefer things to move quicker, but God’s definitely slowed down the process to ensure the foundation is solid for our future growth.”

Rebekah Smylie

Head of Client Services

“My favourite thing about working at CAP is the interactions I get to have with our clients- especially getting to tell people they’re debt free!”

Roland Nathaniel

Head of Project Management

“I hope that CAP in Canada will be a beacon of hope for so many who feel they have no value. I hope that CAP helps the church to stand united as the hands and feet of Christ.”

CAP Canada Board of Directors 

Alison Williams, Board Chair

Mark Dick

Jan Disselkoen

Ellie Gage

Dennis Kish

Amanda Kleinhuis

Ben Lall