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CAP Money is a budgeting course that teaches financial skills that have a lasting impact. It focuses on practical tools and coaching and is a great way to start conversations and connect with people in your community.

How does CAP Money work?


It's a simple budgeting course you offer in your church.

Typically runs as three weekly sessions a couple of times a year. (eg. Tuesdays 6:30-8:30pm)

Can be run in a group setting, by a benevolence team 1-1, in a coffee shop, as a stewardship course, for students, care nights, or marriage prep – the possibilities are endless!

We train your volunteers to be CAP Money Coaches who facilitate the course in your context.

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What does the Money Course cover?

How to build and balance a budget.

A simple way to set up finances with confidence so that bills will be covered, debt can be paid, giving can be a joy, and saving for the future is possible.

The CAP Money online tool (which does all of the hard work of budgeting calculations).

How is CAP Money a missional opportunity?


All of us could use tools for managing our money.


CAP Money is a missional opportunity for your church to provide these simple, practical tools to not only empower your church family, but your wider community.

What does CAP Money Training involve?

You'll join one of our two specially-designed three hour online training sessions in March where we will cover how to structure the course, and lead helpful conversations about finances without judgement.

Pathway of Hope Training Dates:

Monday March 4, 1-4pm EST

Friday March 8, 11am-2pm EST

CAP Money training is what gives your volunteers who will be leading the course the tools that will equip them to become CAP Money Coaches. They will lead the course with confidence and know that we're here to help them along the way.


You will also get to know how to use the budget tool, curriculum, and course setup.

Give you a look at CAP and how your partnership will play an influential role in our shared mission.

 If you still have some questions about what partnership looks like, talk to your Territorial Specialist/Divisional Coordinator.

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How much does CAP Money Partnership cost and what are the benefits?

Just $30 per month includes the following:


Printed and Digital Course Materials

We will mail you 10 Participant Guides and 2 Coach Guides right away.


Money Coach training in one of the two scheduled sessions (March 4 or 8) specifically designed for Pathway of Hope so that you can facilitate the course with confidence.

Social, printable, and digital slide show resources to promote the Money Course.


Additional Guides: $5 Participants, $10 Coaches


Access to for an unlimited number of users


Helping those who need it most in your community.

Keep you informed of course updates and additional training opportunities.

*up to 2 courses per year.

I'm Ready to Register for Training!

Here's how it works:


1. Talk to your Pathway of Hope Team Lead before registering so they are aware of the cost and requirements.

2. Complete the form below (each person attending should complete their own form).

3. Your confirmation email will include the zoom link for training, plus digital training materials.

4. We'll send the link to the Pathway of Hope Team Lead at each location to set up the monthly payment before the training day.

Give us a call at 289-684-9191 or email us if you have any questions.

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