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Who We Are

We are Christians Against Poverty.

We're thrilled to meet you.

We're all about equipping and inspiring the local church to help people out of poverty and invite them to follow Jesus.

Debt and poverty drain hope from people’s lives.


We work in partnership with local churches to provide free licensed credit counseling, as well as budgeting courses and tools to make your money go further.

Through our dedicated team and the passionate churches delivering our services, people in desperate need are discovering life-changing freedom and hope every day.

Since 2013, we’ve seen hundreds of families and individuals break free from debt and poverty. And as the impact of the cost of living crisis is felt in households across Canada, we know there is much more to be done.


Our Values

Christ Centred

It all starts and ends with

Jesus Christ. Jesus runs through our core, our love for Jesus is our motivation and our heart. 


Being excellent is realizing that the people we serve and the people we work with are worthy of us going beyond: going the extra mile. 

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