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The CAP Money Course

Simple budgeting for financial skills that have a lasting impact.

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Already a CAP Money Coach?

CAP Money is a budgeting course that teaches financial skills that have a lasting impact. With its focus on practical tools and coaching, it’s a great way to start conversations and connect with people in your community. Best of all, CAP Money is one of the cheapest options available to churches.

"It was the best thing I'd ever done...

I'm not afraid anymore." - Ruby

How does CAP Money work?


It's a simple budgeting course you offer in your church.

Typically runs as three weekly sessions a couple of times a year.


Can be run in a group setting, by a benevolence team 1-1, in a coffee shop, as a stewardship course, for students, care nights, or marriage prep – the possibilities are endless!

We train your key volunteers to be CAP Money Coaches who facilitate the course in your context. 


Run the course as many times in a year as you like.


We visit your church to launch our partnership and invite monthly supporters to join us as Life Changers (supporting the free Debt Relief work we do that's so critical for people in financial distress).

How is CAP Money different from other budgeting courses?


CAP meets the needs of everyone, especially those living on the poverty line by being relevant, short, and free to attend.


Financial Peace or Total Money Makeover sessions are longer and have an approach that alienates the vulnerable.


Wealth/Financial Advisors help people steward money and can provide tailored advice and support.

How much does CAP Money Partnership cost?

Each level of partnership has unique benefits. Send us a message to learn more.

CAP Money Basic $30/month

CAP Money Plus $100/month

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What does the Money Course cover?

How to build and balance a budget.


The CAP Money online tool that does all of the hard work of budgeting calculations.

Participants Guides cover all of the material in the course.


The CAP Money system (organizing money using cash principles - because we know digital is here to stay)


A simple way to set up finances with confidence that bills will be covered, debt can be paid, giving can be a joy, and saving for the future is possible.


Understand exactly how much is being spent and what it's being spent on.

How is CAP Money a missional opportunity?

Everyone could use tools for managing their money. Many have never learned how to put together a simple budget, make it balance, or put away savings for a rainy day.


CAP Money is a missional opportunity for your church to provide these simple, practical tools for free to not only your church family, but your wider community. Not only is it a practical tool, but a chance to build relationships that lead to faith conversations and evangelism opportunities.

Thousands of Canadians have done the CAP Money Course, and we know it works. Run the course with confidence that you're providing a much-needed tool that will change lives.

What does CAP Money Training involve?

CAP Money training is what gives your volunteers who will be leading the course the tools and equipping to become CAP Money Coaches. They can lead the course with confidence and know that we're here to help along the way.

The 2.5 hour training session can be in person or online. We'll work out with you the best options for training your CAP Money Coaches.

Your coaches will get access to and will be able to schedule dates for Money Courses at your church, add attendees, and access all of the curriculum and resources and promo materials needed.

Coaches Guides cover all of the material in the training.

Who makes a good CAP Money Coach?

People who are warm, engaging and encouraging.

Financial background or skills aren't required (since we provide the training needed), but it's always a plus.

People passionate about teaching others.

Ready to run CAP Money at your church?

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