Weighed down by debt?

CAP can help. There is hope and a solution to your debt situation — you are not alone.

However much debt you are in, CAP’s team of friendly, professional debt counsellors will help you make sense of your situation, provide a solution, and walk with you every step of the way.

And it’s completely free for you. Need to talk about debt? Call today.

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Call now at 1-855-214-9191

Your journey out of debt starts here. CAP’s friendly team is ready to help.


How does it work?

Step 1
Get connected

  •  Call the helpline on
    to speak to the friendly team who will take your details, make a quick assessment of the help you need and set up an appointment with a debt coach for you.


  • The local CAP Debt Coach will come and visit you in your home, a safe nearby location or online, to begin the process of understanding your debt, helping you to find a solution.

Step 2
Make a plan

  •  The qualified debt counsellors in Head Office will develop a budget for both you and your creditors to agree on.

  •  If repayment within a reasonable amount of time isn’t possible, the team will assist you through the process of applying for bankruptcy, insolvency or discuss other suitable options for you. 

Step 3
Be Free

  •  After your in-home* visits, you will receive a caseworker for long-term support. As your situation changes over time they are available to make adjustments to your budget, negotiate with your creditors, and check-in with you regularly.

  •  Set up a regular payment into your personalized CAP account. CAP will distribute these funds to your creditors on your behalf.

  • Your creditors will be advised that CAP is now working on your behalf, ensuring you can be free to focus on the important things in your life.

There could be an impact to your credit score: While there is no impact to your credit score during the initial phase of working with CAP and as we prepare your recommendations, it is important to know that entering into any Debt Management or Debt Repayment Plan will impact your credit score and report until two years after its completion.  Insolvency recommendations will have a greater impact on your credit score, which will be explained by a Licensed Insolvency Trustee. 

CAP Canada - Colleen's Story

CAP Canada - Colleen's Story