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Join the Debt Network

Be a beacon of hope to people overwhelmed by debt.

The Debt Network supports people who find themselves overwhelmed by debt.

With financial pressures affecting so many Canadians, what a way for the church to demonstrate Jesus' love.

Joining the Debt Network will make your church a beacon of hope for those in your community who feel like they have nowhere else to turn.

How the Debt Network works


Your church partners with CAP to become a Debt Network Member.

Clients call CAP's toll free number to book an appointment.

Our Accredited Debt Network team in Head Office helps them tackle their unique financial situations.

Relational and spiritual support from your volunteer team and church welcomes clients into your community and introduces them to Jesus.

How much does a CAP Debt Centre cost?

$1000 per month is the cost to you. This helps provide for licensed Head Office support for clients as well as all training/resourcing for your Debt Network Interviewers and Connectors. You can add access to CAP Money so your church can also run this valuable program to help get people budgeting before they feel debt spiralling out of control.

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What can a CAP Debt Centre give your church?

Confidence in helping families and individuals who come to you in financial distress.

Opportunities to connect with people in your community who are struggling.

Simple volunteer and missional opportunities for church members to be active in the community.

Who makes a good CAP Debt Centre Manager/Coach?

People who are compassionate and encouraging.

Financial background or skills aren't required (since we provide the expertise at Head Office), but it's always a plus.

People passionate about walking alongside others who might be experiencing difficult situations.

What's the need?

You've likely seen the need in your community already. If you have a food bank or are connected with one, you see the increasing number of people who are really struggling to make ends meet and provide for their families because of overwhelming debt.

People who are skipping meals so their kids can eat and who are on the verge of being evicted. They may be struggling to feed their families, suicidal, depressed and alone.

Your church is in prime position to help and share the practical love of Jesus with them.

Partnering CAP’s service with the compassion of the local church is changing thousands of lives every year. Families are going debt free, coming to know God and finding a supportive church family.

Watch this to learn what it's like to operate a CAP Debt Centre.

I want to open a Debt Centre!

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