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CAP Sunday

Inspire your church with God’s heart for the poor and a vision to reach your community!

How it works

One of our trained, passionate speaker team will deliver a message sharing Scripture about God’s heart for the poor, as well as how each of us can bring hope and freedom to people living in poverty in Canada.

Each message features a video testimony, stories from the frontline, and scripture-based messaging, so you can be confident your church will be blessed, encouraged and stirred to action. 

Pandemic Preaching

During the pandemic we cannot join together in person or travel to your Church. But, we are grateful that this allows us to speak to your congregation any Sunday, no matter where you are! All you have to do is download our 15 minute video which contains an explanation of our ministry, a message, scripture, encouragement and time of reflection and play it during your Sunday. We can have someone from our ministry attend if you are currently meeting over an interactive video call to answer any questions or join in the discussion.

If you want to view this video please email