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 Want to   see the end   of poverty   in Canada? 

Right now in Canada...


of families are worried about having enough money for food.*

3+ million

adults are anxious and stressed about money.*

1 in 3

adults feel in bad or terrible finanical shape.*

 Changing   lives. 

"I was feeling utterly crushed beneath the weight of life challenges and debt, I even wondered if it was worth continuing or if I was just a burden to my family. But then I found CAP. With their help of budgeting, financial literacy and them providing me with a detailed financial plan for me to follow, I felt hope again. Hope that I could be debt free and once again live my life."   

Kevin, Debt Free Client

Since 2013 Christians Against Poverty has

had conversations around

$16 million+

of debt.



CAP Money Course participants.

partnered with



young people praying

We equip and empower the local church so that they can actively serve and can be a beating heart in their community.


Through partnership with the church CAP provides tools, training and resources so that they can help people in their community become debt free and free from poverty and can become all that God has called them to be.

 Equipping   thriving   churches. 

Asking for help is a brave step!

If you would like immediate assistance, please call our Debt Line at 1-855-214-9191.

Fill out this form to have someone from our Debt Network call you.

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